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Vacuum Forming in Toronto

Vacuum Forming Toronto division creates fully customized, screen-printed displays to specification

AFL Display added its state-of-the-art Vacuum Forming and die cutting equipment to its complement of factory processes in 1990, providing the Toronto company with over 30 years of in-depth expertise.

AFL's full spectrum of equipment consists of two large-scale Vacuum Forming machines capable of male or female moulding with plug-assist and individual zone heating. The system utilizes both air-cooled and water-cooled moulds.

Importantly, the company's Vacuum Forming Toronto division is supported by both large and small-scale die-cutting equipment, plus screen-printing (link) and post forming-applications to create complex retail store fixtures using multiple components.

An integral part of AFL's business, the company's Vacuum Forming division works with high-profile companies such as Canadian Tire to create end-of-aisle signs in over 400 stores nationwide and with Victoria's Secret to create vacuum-formed trays custom-fitted to the chain's signature dresser drawers.

Vacuum formed components are also integrated with other materials to create commercial retail signs, POP displays, jewellery displays, cosmetic displays, sunglass displays, optical displays and other custom retail fixtures.

Vacuum Forming Retail Display
A metalized, vacuum-formed outer rim is integrated with acrylic to create a visually exciting and highly successful hybrid display for Lucky Strike cigarettes.