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Retail Fixtures Manufacturer

Retail Fixtures Manufacturer AFL Display meets the needs of retailers of all sizes. Our diversity and expertise enable us to design Retail Fixtures using a verity of materials to meet your needs for any function or type of application. The following is our Portfolio of some of the Retail Fixtures we manufacturer.
According to the National Association of Store Fixture Manufacturers, a leading trend in retail fixtures design is creating displays that hold merchandise, while complementing store architecture and integrating with the furniture.

AFL Display Group is adept at integrating furniture elements into functional designs that not only look good but perform well. Our retail store fixtures can be seen at major national retail chains such as Sears, the Bay, Fairweather, Randy River, Stitches, Suzy Shier, Victoria's Secret and American Apparel. AFL’s diversity and expertise allows the company to integrate a variety of materials into its retail fixtures, including wood, glass, acrylic and metal, plus lighting and graphics.

Everything AFL Display produces is made-to-order, completely customized, and guaranteed to arrive on time and on budget.