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Retail Display Signs

AFL Dispaly design team creates effective, appealing commercial Retail Display Signs
Retail Display Sign

Commercial Retail Signs are a key component of retail store design, directing and leading customers through a store, increasing sales and creating an overall impression and image for the retailer.

Relying on strong design for a competitive edge, AFL’s design team works closely with our screen printing department to develop highly successful commercial retail signs that are both functional and attractive. We can create Retail Signs in unique shapes or large-scale sizes to effectively focus customers on new product offerings or specialized areas of the store.

AFL’s diversity and expertise allows the company to integrate a variety of materials into its commercial Retail Signs, including glass, acrylic, metal and lighting to produce this stunning retail sign distributed to all for Canadian Tire stores.

Everything AFL Display Group produces is made-to-order, completely customized, and guaranteed to arrive on time and on budget.