Custom Millwork is one of AFL’s core businesses since the division was created in 1998. Today, AFL employs a full team of craftsmen, including cabinet makers and carpenters. For ultimate precision, AFL has state-of-the-art Custom Millwork equipment including 4 CNC machines, programmable saws, contour edge banders, presses, and dowelling machines.


The core of AFL has been it’s use of acrylic for displays and imaging. As one of the largest Acrylic Fabrication companies in Canada, the company uses CNC machining processes for production efficiency, product precision and quality control. In addition to computer-controlled saws, routers, and water-cooled strip heaters, the company uses diamond edge polishing and open flame polishing to provide the finest edge finish possible in acrylic fabrication.


From wire fixtures to sheet metal fabrication, AFL combines legacy craftsmanship with modern technology to create eye grabbing metal solutions. The company is proud to provide it’s customers with a full spectrum of metal production including laser cutting, brake forming, cutting, shearing, welding, rolling, bending, polishing, painting and plating.


AFL has over 30 years of in-depth expertise providing customers with vacuum formed products. Our equipment consists of two large-scale Vacuum Forming machines capable of male or female moulding with plug-assist and individual zone heating. The systems utilize both air-cooled and water-cooled moulds.


AFL’s complimentary printing and painting production truly make them a one stop shop for all fixture needs. An in-house spray booth and screen-printing department satisfies a full range of client requirements, from simple directional or informational retail store signage to large graphic images and 3-D components. AFL also produces quick and cost-effective, computer-controlled vinyl-cut graphics.


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