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Endcap Price Check Kiosk

Durable and completely automated Endcap Price Check Kiosk designed and manufactured for Canadian Tire
Endcap Price CheckKiosk

As retailers continue to expand, remodel and open new locations, self-service interactive kiosks are emerging as an essential component for stores to reduce staff costs while improving sales and customer satisfaction.

Strategically placed throughout stores, the innovative and highly successful price check kiosk allows Canadian Tire customers to instantly scan the bar code of a product in hand and view the cost and item details before they get to the cashier.

AFL's team of specialized custom kiosk designers integrated a back-lit styrene, metal and wood display containing a bar code reader and telephone into the existing gondola-type display already in stores.

Everything AFL Display Group produces is made-to-order, completely customized, and guaranteed to arrive on time and on budget.